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Pedagogical Approach

The Matzmichim Model

Educators and parents need an innovative solution to reduce violence in school. At Matzmichim, we introduce positive alternatives to behavioral education. Instead of simply lecturing students, we teach educators how to improve relationships with students and create a positive atmosphere in their classrooms.


Our model presents students with motivations to improve their social status in an inclusive and a supportive way, rather than a violent one. Furthermore, we recognize that students are role models for each other. We refer to students who exhibit prosocial behavior among their peers, as Uplifters. We work with these Uplifters to improve safety in their schools. 

Yony Tsouna’s book

In 2018, Matzmichim published C.E.O Yony Tsouna’s book about cyberbullying and virtual violence. In this book, the Uplifters' methodology is applied to the realm of social networks. 

Prof. Robert Faris and Matzmichim's team

Prof. Robert Faris and Matzmichim's team

Scientific Background

The Matzmichim intervention model is based on violence prevention research led by the Gewalt Academy in Germany, where the co-founder Georg Rössler was trained with methods to reduce violence. The model is also based on studies conducted by senior researchers in the USA, Dr. Diane Felmlee of Penn State University's Department of Sociology and Criminology, and Prof. Robert Faris of UC Davis’ Department of Sociology.

Matzmichim’s principles are drawn from the Alternative Violence Project (AVP) and the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). All this knowledge has been translated into an evidence-based methodology and practice, combined with effective strategies developed by Yony Tsouna, CEO of Matzmichim, and his team of professionals.

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