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International Services

Violence among children and youths and cyberbullying are cross-border phenomena. Our organization aspires to distribute our broad knowledge and the unique method we developed around the world. Our aim is to reduce and prevent violence in every country and organization that is interested in our services. 

We cooperate with researchers, academic institutions and various organizations around the world, and it will be our pleasure to assist you too.  

Conference Lecture

What Do We Offer?

Our programs are conducted in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, and can be mediated by Zoom or in person, whether in Israel or in your country.

For more information, please contact us:


Our professional team consults policymakers, municipalities, ministries and governmental organizations, in order to create work plans for the reduction of violence and cyberbullying.

We had the honor of being a part of a panel at a conference of the distinguished United Nations Human Rights Council, in which we professionally discussed cyberbullying of children.



Our team offers professional lectures in symposiums, conferences and

panels designated for policymakers, education administrators, school principals, teachers, parents, etc.


We conduct seminars, courses, and workshops for educators, teachers, and social workers in the fields of violence prevention, cyberbullying prevention, and peace education. Our training provides practical, effective tools based on Matzmichim methods.

International Conference

Our Partners & Activities Around the World


We conduct three-day seminars for future teachers and social workers in several educational institutions: 

  • The Protestant University of Applied Sciences at Ludwigsburg (EH)

  • The Heidelberg University of Education

  • The University of Ravensburg at Weingarten



Five Matzmichim workshops were held during the International Week at the “VIVES University College” with over 12,000 students who participated in the diverse activities. Both students, lecturers, and professors as well as other university staff attended the seminars. 



We conducted a workshop for experts working with youth at risk. 

For more details about courses we have conducted in academic institutions:


We conducted a workshop for instructors from the Italian branch of the Israeli Apple Seed Organization.



We conducted a workshop for youths from Houston, TX, as part of the activities of a delegation of the Jewish Agency for Israel.


Diller Teen Fellows

A workshop for the coordinators as part of a summer seminar in Israel.


Feedback and Recommendations

"This seminar was by far the best, most meaningful, most practical, most enlightening seminar of my whole studies. I am impressed of Yony Tsouna and learnt incredibly much for my future job." 

- Student's feedback, Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Ludwigsburg/Germany

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