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Shared Society Leadership Courses

Shared Society Leadership Courses

"Despite the challenges posed by the new and emerging Israeli social landscape, we must know: the nascent Israeli mosaic is not a decree, but a great opportunity filled with cultural richness, inspiration, humanity, and sensitivity.

The new Israeli order must not decline us into segregation and separation."

– President Rivlin, (2015, Tribes Speech)


Ongoing tension and division characterize the Israeli society. It is in dire need of people with the capacity to create social cohesion: People who are calm and treat others with respect and fairness. People who are sensitive to the aspects of behavior that can lead to pain and suffering of others. People who can diffuse a conflictual social situation with determination, but in a gentle way.

In November 2017, we launched our new Shared Society Leadership Program titled “NAMAL” (translated to “home port”). The program aims to enable pupils with natural leadership skills and a high CQ to become ambassadors of societal change. The training we provide strengthens dialogue and mediation skills and increases the pupils’ inborn talents for furthering social cohesion.

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