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Help us transform schools into a safe space for children and youth!

Make a secure, tax-deductible donation to Matzmichim - the Israeli violence reduction organization

School Bullying

Anti-bullying intervention workshops based on the Matzmichim model leads students to acknowledge that they have the power to improve classroom climate, and endorse peer supporters as role models to promote positive forces within the classroom.

Our programs and workshops target not only children but educational professionals and parents in order to provide them with the practical skills and experience necessary to reduce violence and bullying (verbal, physical, virtual) and promote pro-social behavior in classrooms in a sustainable manner.

Thank you for being a partner in our success!

Donations are fully tax deductible in Israel, England, Canada and the U.S., and can also be made in Euros and several other currencies. The donation process is simple and secure. After your donation is processed, you will receive a letter of thanks from us, and a tax deductible receipt from us or our partner organizations.

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