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International Activity

Yony Tsouna in an international session

The phenomenon of school violence is not only present in Israel, it's effecting every modern society. Therefore, we cooperate with Israeli and international research institutions. One of our first and foremost goals is to share the effective and innovative methods we have developed that prevent violence and deal with it, in all the years of work in this filed. This is why we are establishing partnerships not only in Israel but also abroad, we reach educational professionals worldwide.

Seminars for teachers, social workers, and other professionals in the educational sector in other countries have become a permanent component of our work. In cooperation with universities and other institutions, we hold three-day seminars in which students and educators can learn the Matzmichim (Uplifters) methodology and gain first-hand experiences in its application in a safe space. The techniques we provide them with are intended to enhance their current and future educational work in a meaningful way.

Our Partners from Abroad


Seminars for students in Germany are an essential part of our work. We offer three-day seminars for future teachers and social workers in several educational institutions in Germany. In these seminars, they can learn about our philosophy, tools, and methods. They also have the possibility to try them on their own within the group setting.

Several times a year, Yony Tsouna, the CEO of Matzmichim, or one of our trainers, travels to Germany to give a presentation entitled "From Aggressive Leadership to Uplifter Children in Classrooms" combined with a practical approach to our workshop methods.

See more about our numerous workshops in Ludwigsburg, Herrenberg, and Heidelberg in our evaluations.

Yony Tsouna in a group session


Five Matzmichim workshops took place in the International Week at the “VIVES University College” with over 12,000 students.

Students, lecturers, and professors as well as other university staff attended the seminars. These workshops enabled a huge amount of professional exchange.

We were pleased to get the chance to be a part of the “International Week” and to share the philosophy, methods, and tools of Matzmichim in Belgium.

International Week at the “VIVES University College”


Our workshop in Luxembourg was prepared for expert staff working in the youth-at-risk sector. The participants got a theoretical introduction to the scientific background and pedagogic approach that Matzmichim is based on, as well as the opportunity to try the methodology during the workshop. This enables them to implement the methods in their own working environment more easily.

Working with this group of people was a pleasure for us and we really enjoyed the seminar with motivated and talented pedagogical staff!

Luxembourg Group Workshop
Luxembourg Group Workshop

Advanced Trainings for Pedagogical Staff

Matzmichim also offers advanced training seminars for teachers and social workers in the field of violence prevention and peace education. The seminar teaches content, methods and exercises which are used by Matzmichim working with children and youth. The following topics are part of the seminar “From Aggressive Leadership to Uplifter Children in Classrooms”:

  • Causes and forms of violence among children and adolescents

  • Practical methods and techniques for dealing with violence

  • Peace education approaches: The “Uplifers” model developed by Matzmichim

Advanced Trainings for Pedagogical Staff

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