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Evaluations for our courses with...


Our anti-violence workshops with Israeli students are cross-sectoral and include all ages. The workshops take place all over the country. Approximately 20% of our workshops target Youth at Risk.

Our student workshops were evaluated by the Kinneret Academic College. 


Our workshops for educators offer tools to create a safer environment in classrooms and schools. The effectiveness of educator workshops is regularly evaluated internally as well as externally. 

External evaluations were conducted by the market researcher TNS over several years. 

Implementation assessment results of  Summer educators courses

Academic Institutes

Our methods are taught at academic institutes in Israel as well as internationally. We want to spread our anti-violence approach around the world. Regular feedback make sure that we reach this goal.

We regularly hold courses at German universities including PH Heidelberg and EH Ludwigsburg.

The Achwa Academic College provided us with feedback based on our Classroom Management course.

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