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Our Workshops with Children & Youth

Workshop in progress

Workshop Goals

Our workshops deal with bullying, verbal and physical harassment, humiliation, threats, rumors, shunning, shaming, extortion, sexual aggression, and other challenging situations.

The model is designed to serve as an incentive to stop using aggression as a tool to improve social status and replace it with prosocial behavior.

These workshops also bring to an increase of the popularity of the pupils who contribute to the psychological well-being of the classroom by making them positive role models in their peer group. 

Quick facts:

  •  Workshops last three days and take place all over Israel.

  • We work with primary schools as well as junior and senior high schools. A significant part of the work is done with youth-at-risk.

  • In addition to working with students, we also offer workshops for educators, school staff, and parents.

Workshops in schools

Workshops in Schools

Around 60 percent of the classrooms in Israel are facing phenomena such as boycotts and violence. Many educators struggle to effectively manage aggressive behavior in their classrooms.

The Matzimichims workshop offers a solution to these situations by providing a 3-day active training program for educators and students to help them improve the classroom atmosphere.


Participants will…

  • learn practical tools to reduce aggression caused by power struggles

  • address indirect and covert forms of aggression

  • learn to promote pro-social behavior

The workshop includes games, discussions, and exercises that challenge existing norms. It also promotes open communication and empowers students to take action and create positive change in their classrooms. In addition, training and guidance are provided to educators during and after the workshop.

Since teachers have the primary responsibility for creating a positive classroom atmosphere, Matzmichim believes it is most important to support them in their efforts.

Workshops in informal education

Workshops in Informal Education

Informal education frameworks such as kibbutz education framework, youth movements, and urban programs play an important role in community settlements in Israel. However, these activities can also reveal negative social norms like ostracism, exclusion, social pressure, humiliation, offensive jokes, and dangerous 'challenge' games among children and youth.

Matzmichim addresses these issues by offering workshops and training programs to reduce aggression among young people in informal education settings. We hold workshops for the youth movement and municipal youth care teams. Also we offer lectures for parents. 

Matzmichim operates within kibbutz 's educational structures, youth movements, and city-run programs to help create a more positive and supportive environment for young people.

Youth at risk

Youth at Risk

Matzmichim pays great attention to work with young people from risk groups in educational institutions, as this is often their last chance for successful integration into society.

These young people often display aggressive behavior, alienation, distrust and a desire to rebel against authorities.

To address this problem, Matzmichim employs a unique approach that leverages the power of positive peer pressure to bring a positive change. Recognizing the importance of this influence, especially among youth-at-risk who may resist external authority, Matzmichim utilizes the strength of the group to bring out effective change. 

To achieve the goal of successful integration of youth-at-risk into society, we conduct classroom workshops for the young people and train educators to apply this approach effectively.

Cyberbullying prevention workshops

Cyberbullying prevention workshops

This one-day workshop is designed to empower educators and students in the fight against network aggression. 

The workshop covers various types of online aggression, including the posting of revealing photos, violent conversations in WhatsApp groups, and more. It addresses the impact of social networks on students' personal and social lives, encourages open dialogue about emotional experiences in the digital world, and suggests practical strategies to reduce, prevent, and handle online aggression.

The workshop is designed to be an immersive and hands-on experience that provides educators and students with the tools they need to fight the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

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