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The Uplifters bullying reduction program is making its way around the globe! Originating in Israel, thanks to our facilitator Anat Valfer we are now also active in the New Jersey and New York Area.


Here is some information about our trainer and the services we are offering.

Anat Valfer

Anat Valfer

Head Of Uplifters USA

Our instructor Anat is a passionate leader with more than fifteen years of successful experience in group facilitation. She started her professional career supporting the business world. For more than a decade, she trained sales teams at leading communication companies. Her strong desire to make a difference in the world led her into the non-profit sector. Anat joined Uplifters in 2015 to address one of society’s major concerns: Bullying. Since then Anat has been helping students, educators, and parents to achieve a better social-emotional environment by improving communication and by growing leadership skills. In 2019, she moved to the United States in order to spread the implementation of Uplifter’s methods and contribute to the reduction of violence worldwide.

Anat holds a MA in Organizational Development from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, and an undergraduate degree in Communication and Human Resources from Yezreel Valley Collage, Israel.

Uplifters Workshop

Classroom intervention seminars for students, educators, and parents aiming to reduce bullying and cyber-bullying by implementing the Uplifter’s methodology:

  • Designed for 4th to 10th grade

  • Seminars last 2-3 days

  • Demand for full staff to actively participate

  • Post-seminar counseling and support is provided


Lectures for educators and parents:

To raise awareness of the following issues and provide tools to better address them:

  • The connection between popularity and aggression

  • The elimination of cyberbullying

Latest Uplifters Seminar, October 2020

Reducing Cyberbullying

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