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Our Vision

We are dedicated to prevent children from suffering and experiencing violence in schools and to transform Israeli classrooms into a safer and more supportive environments that promote student’s social and academic growth

The Matzmichim Team

Our Story

We are a non-profit association which was established in 2004.

Our main goal is to prevent violence, pain and alienation by transforming groups of children, youth and adults into a safer and more encouraging environment.

We specialize in guiding children, youth, parents and educators in formal and non-formal education systems, as well as guiding adults in various business companies and organizations.

Our Hebrew name "Matzmichim" translates into English as "Uplifters", which is due to the adjective "uplifting" that means empowering and motivating one’s spirit, which describes very well Matzmichim’s goal.

Our Mission

Matzmichim strives to create a change in school environment. Children from an early age are faced with various forms of aggressive behavior. In order to prevent further cycles of conflict, we offer an innovative model where these issues can be openly discussed between students, educational professionals, and parents. Our multi-day workshops contain various methods that offer alternatives to conflict resolution through a positive approach.

In addition, we aim to create a systemic change in the public approach regarding dealing with violence and bullying, through collaborations with municipal authorities, educational organizations and relevant government offices.

We believe that…

In every child there is a hidden ability to be an ‘up-Lifter’ and make others thrive.

Educators have the ability of becoming the ones to bring a change, therefore they must be trained to lead the social atmosphere in the classes.

A positive social atmosphere among children and youth is the key to change the whole Israeli society.

The Team
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