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Training for Educators and Parents 

Training for educators

Training for Educators

Over 60% of teachers report a lack of training and effective tools to address social atmosphere issues and violence in classes.

(2020 Meshav Institute survey)

Matzmichim trains teachers and education teams through lectures, workshops, and professional courses:

  • Lectures, workshops and training courses for school staff

  • Academic courses for education students

  • Training courses for physical education teachers and sports coaches

  • Training courses for counselors

  • Training sessions for education teams in informal education programs

  • Multicultural courses for Arab and Jewish educators


All of our trainings combine theoretical content with practical exercises, and focus on practical methods that allow you to immediately apply them. The team will acquire tools to manage with emotional social discourse (SEL), to identify and effectively deal with different types of aggression, and to motivate students to engage in pro-social and caring behavior.

“Every meeting was so empowering, meaningful and accurate! I have been a teacher for 15 years and I do not remember such a practical and excellent training”

- Maya, educator, summer course 2021

Mother and Daughter

Training for Parents

Matzmichim presents a fun and interactive activity for parents and students designed to create a positive school atmosphere and strengthen the relationship between parents and their children. The activity includes a brief lecture for parents on reducing aggression and encouraging caring behavior, individual conversations between parents and their children, and a group workshop combining games and conversational activities.


Parents will also receive a guide with tips in order to continue the conversation exercises at home. This activity intends to help the school integrate parents, create an optimal school atmosphere and provide tools for an open and active dialogue between parents and their children.

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