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In 2018, Matzmichim published Yony Tsouna’s (Matzmichim’s C.E.O) book "Up lifters in the Social networks". This book provides educators and parents with ways to handle and reduce cyber bullying among kids and teens. It contains practical methods and games to help reduce violence in the digital era.

The book provides access to unique professional knowledge accumulated by Matzihim instructors over many years of fieldwork with children and youth.

Chapter 6.
How to Create a Real and Honest Conversation with Children or a Class about Social Networks

6.1 Telling a best friend about an embarrassment or something I'm proud of


Speaking openly to children is the best and most effective educational strategy for parents. Children and teenagers often have a feeling that "most of humanity" (parents, uncles, brothers, grandparents, teachers and even random adults on the street) wants to preach to them what they have done wrong.


This is why many of them, even children with excellent behavior, respond with an attempt to "trick" adults whenever they sense a preaching approach. If we are honest with ourselves, lots of us still do this as adults to our own parents. When children feel a reprimanding approach coming, they tend to let their defense level heighten and block their ability to listen. Therefore the chance to change the child's behavior diminishes.

Yony Tsouna’s book

To date, the book has only been published in Hebrew. We are currently in the process of translating it into English and German. For a preview continue reading.

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